Facilities at our centre…

  • Fully equipped Smile Train Ward with Nursing Station
  • Hi tech Smile Train Operation Theater and Recovery Room
  • Enhanced Smile Train Consultation Room
  • Smile Train Infotech Centre
  • Expert Speech Therapy
  • Modernized Smile Train Mobile Van
  • Sophisticated Video Conference Room
  • Vigilant Class Room
  • Comprehensive Research Wing

 Marketing activities:

Our centre is well equipped with a marketing team which covers all states- Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry and some parts of India.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is one of the important aspect for proper rehabilitation of the cleft palate after surgery. Round the clock speech Therapy is available to treat the patients with deformity.


The Success…


The secret of success is mainly due to the team of medical and paramedical professionals under the able leadership Dr. N. Panchavarnan.

Our core team comprises of…

  1. Plastic Surgeon
  2. Orthodontic Surgeon
  3. Paediatrician
  4. Cardiologist
  5. Speech Therapist
  6. Anaesthetist
  7. Dentist
  8. Nursing Staff
  9. Marketing staff.
  10. Administrative staff.



Counselling is a major part of cleft. Pre and post-operative counseling is very important. The patient is counseled before surgery for removing the fear, to know the benefits of the surgery, importance of surgical intervention and to make the patient accept for surgery. In post-operative counseling, we educate the patient and attendees regarding the deficiency of folic acid, genetic factor, post operative homecare, health and hygiene and diet etc. Counseling sessions always focus on the attendees to get educated with a healing touch. 

The treatment of cleft lip and palate patient continues to evolve with better results in all areas – Functional, Aesthetic, Psychological and Spiritual. The care and treatment of cleft lip and palate persons represent a lifetime commitment and continue to be a challenge for all involved.