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B/O Pandiyammal, Alanganallur, Madurai District -  Tamil Nadu

With the blessings and in accordance with the wishes of our elders, I, Pandiyammal (Tirunelveli district) married Malaiyaanam (Mathurai District). We have three girl children aged 20 and 19.
When I was carrying my third child, we came to know that the child had a cleft lip. My husband and my mother-in-law insisted that I abort the pregnancy. I told them that no matter how my child looks, I will accept it. I was repeatedly asked and threatened by my husband and mother-in-law to abort the pregnancy.
When the child was born, my husband stayed with me only for four days. He also did not provide any financial help, and instead took money from me each day. He also insisted that I must either kill the child, give it for adoption or drop it somewhere and then come along with him and that I would not be accepted into his home otherwise.
I felt that my child was more important to me and so I left for my mother's house, for the sake of my child's safety.
Through a speciality camp that was conducted in Madurai, I booked an appointment. I was called by the representatives of the hospital, who informed me that my child could be operated upon for cleft lip and palate deformity. When I informed them that I did not have the money for such a procedure, I was told that the surgery and the treatment would be done for free, and also that my expenses would be taken care of by the hospital, through Smile Train, USA.
As promised, the surgery was completed free of cost. My expenses during this time were also taken care of. My child looks beautiful now.
I thank Dr. Panchavarnam, who performed the surgery from the bottom of my heart. I also thank Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre and Smile Train, USA. As long as I am alive, I shall remember their help.

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