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Before Surgery After Surgery

Selvi Kaviya,  Chithambaram,Cuddalore -  Tamil Nadu

Ramesh, and Kala, from Chithambaram, a city in the Cuddalore district, were wed with the permission and blessings of the elders.
Kala was an orphan. It was her brother who arranged this marriage. Because Kala's daughter was born with palate deformity, Ramesh would come home drunk each day and physically abuse Kala. Soon, Ramesh passed away. Kala's in-laws also refused to support her. They physically abused Kala and the child and drove her out of the house one day.
She then stayed for a little while in her brother's house. Due to abuse by her brother's wife, she again left home to stay withe her sister. Here too, since there was no support, Kala now stays in a rented house and earns her living and takes care of herself and her daughter.
She worried constantly about the fact that she could not afford the cleft lip and palate operation for her daughter. She also wondered how she would bring her daughter up. It was then that she heard about the free surgeries done at Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre through a medical camp. I felt very happy.
When Kala met Dr. Panchavarnam of Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre at a free health camp, the doctor assured that through Smile Train, USA's aid, the surgery and treatment would be done for free.
As assured by the doctor, Kala's daughter was admitted as an in-patient and cleft lip and palate surgery and treatment progressed. After the treatment, when Kala and her daughter were to leave the hospital, they were also given money for their travel and sundry expenses, thanks to Smile Train.
Kala says she is now very happy and satisfied. She expresses her heartfelt thanks to Smile Train, USA and Meenakshi Mission Hospital.

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